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It’s coffee picking time here

Posted on: November 23, 2011

Had to make a trip into town today because Sofi needed her 10 day check-up; yep, she’s still on medication; Dra. Sharon says she’s still got a fungus and is now leaning toward it being from getting hot and sweating where she lays (lies ?).  She’s going with that now because the only place she’s broken out now is on her belly….I guess it would be like a heat rash.  She’s been on medication for so long now….we give her some food with a pill to settle her stomach – set a timer and let me tell you when that timer rings, she heads for her bowl!  Knowing she’ll get just a little more canned food with the medication – she has to wait an hour after getting the settle the stomach pill before getting the actual medication.

Stopped at the attorney’s office to pick up a personaria so that we can get a new electric meter in our name; might have a problem because Mark noticed his name on it is Mark Van Patten Castro……Uncle Fidel will be proud!

Had to get another gallon of paint for the outside of the house.  Couldn’t figure out why it appeared to have some really light spots where the construction workers painted.  Mark decided to work on getting the outside wall of the kitchen painted and discovered……the construction workers thinned the paint with water!  DUH!

Mario, our gardener was here bright and early with a group of guys to lay sod.  Pat and John are having a casa built and had good grass; we have the same gardener; she asked Mario about taking their sod up and putting it in our yard; he agreed and today we have grass!  Thanks Pat and John and remember you can come visit your grass anytime you want!

Mark went out this evening to find something in the bodega….alas, no electricity!  Monday they were here to bury electrical wires; guess they cut them too….big sigh, so another call tomorrow to the contractor.

Oh, and we received word from our residency attorney that she is going  (have no clue where) to  check on our residency status next Tuesday and hopes to have good news for us!  Keep your fingers crossed for us please.

Soon our life in Costa Rica will become “normal” – whatever that is!

Adios for now amigos and amigas!

UPDATE:  Forget to tell you guys about the coffee picking….saw trucks going through town today with coffee picking baskets on the top and the back end of the trucks full of bags of coffee beans.  I really, really, really want one of those coffee picking baskets!


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