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Rancho party this afternoon in Barrio Fatima …..

Posted on: November 19, 2011

and we were there!

Mark met Pat through blogging; she and her husband, John, were in the process of moving to Costa Rica about the same time we did.  We were anxious to meet in person and have “shopped” together, eaten lots of meals together and even attended a Christmas craft fair together.  Mark tried every sample of food that was there!

Anyhoo, they have built a rancho and will soon be building their house; they are presently living in a casita of 300 sq. ft.; and get this, she’s a wonderful cook – even in a small space.

They invited lots of people to the “opening” of their rancho.  Pat had lived in Costa Rica in a previous life and is very fluent in Spanish, so their were Tico’s there and ex-pats.

Food was plentiful, very plentiful; but more importantly it was DELISH! We met another couple that have been living here for about 6 weeks.  They live near Jaco, so had a little bit of a drive.  It’s fun to meet ex-pats and exchange “why you chose Costa Rica”.  Generally in the top 2 reasons – can’t afford to retire in the US; and taxes.  However, most people are shocked to learn that we only came here once and decided we would “take the plunge”.  Meg, from Dallas, said “I love you people already!  Adventerous!”  We will be seeing her and her husband, Tim, in the future, I’m sure.

It was fun to see the different people but because of the language barrier, we were at the English speaking table! LOL  If they just didn’t talk so fast!!! The Ticos, I mean.


THE CONSTRUCTION IN THE ROOM IS FINISHED!!!  As we were leaving to head to the party, our contractor pulled in with a cleaning lady;  they have the room, bathroom, etc.  all nice and clean for us!  In fact, as were returning from the party, they were just leaving the development.

Too tired tonight to move anything but tomorrow, it will be a new process of deciding where to put things because now we more room!

Adios for now…..Pura Vida from Costa Rica…..


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