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One more day like today and………………….

Posted on: November 17, 2011

We decided to go ahead a buy the vanity set we saw in Sarchi on Sunday.  So, the plan was for me to drop Sofi off to be groomed and then head to Sarchi.  Didn’t have someone go with me because we weren’t sure if it would fit in the back of Ole Bessie.  Would probably need the front passenger seat for the mirror.

On my way there I could see the mountain range where I was headed was quite dark, as in black storm clouds.  Oh, joy, shopping in the rain….

After spending hours there in the pouring down rain, soaked to the skin, I realized the shop where I saw it, was CLOSED!  The only friggin’ Muebles (furniture) store in the whole town that is closed on Thursday’s.  What a dumb day to be closed!!!

Oh and you’re going to love this….the name of the place Gaudy Muebles.  Bet you can’t wait to see what it looks like!! So tomorrow, I get to do the same friggin’ thing again!  If they have sold it, look towards Central America and you’ll see blue smoke coming from the top of my head!

Got home about 5:30 p.m. and guess what, WE HAVE WINDOWS AND DOORS.  Mark worked so hard to soak the curtain and put up plastic so when they cut through the wall it wouldn’t create so much concrete dust.  Good idea!  However, construction foreman took it all down, therefore, there is concrete dust everywhere.  Our contractor had never heard of that and said they would be willing to let us hang the wet fabric, etc. to stop the dust from going everywhere.  Best laid plans of mice and men!

Decided to fix dinner (because I was starving) and apparently when they moved the gas tank, they didn’t bother to close it; yep, you guessed it, all the gas leaked out; therefore, the stove is useless!  And we can’t use the grill, because that tank is in town being filled! So after throwing a tantrum and assuring Mark it was his fault (LOL), I picked up Sofi and they didn’t clip her nails!

Ever had one of those days when at the end of it you wonder, why oh why did I bother to get out of bed!!!  Well, trust me today is one of them…..

I would say Pura Vida but I feel more like flipping the finger!


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