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Shhh…..we hear noise…..can it be? Another adventure yesterday.

Posted on: November 16, 2011

Awoke to banging and other construction noise this morning.  However, by the time I crawled out of bed, only one man is here working…..but hey, that’s better than the last 17 days!  We are anticipating getting windows tomorrow…at least the window ledge of the window that has to be removed is gone….that was the noise! LOL

We needed to pick up a few more pieces of tile; when they chipped out the holes to put in the shower handles, they made the hole too big. And you know what….all I could see was that when I looked in the bathroom.  We’ve waited this long, they can make it right!

Drove down the Autopista and took the Jaco exit; stopped at Art’s Deli for lunch.  It was raining when we pulled up and the waiter came and got Mark with an umbrella and then me; holding my arm so I didn’t fall.  Talk about feeling like an old woman! Sheesh….At any rate, they have a really large selection of food, etc. Pretty yummy!  I have a feeling we’ll be back there.  Maybe we should get a group to go!

And of course, there’s Mola’s….great souvenir shop; however, when I buy something it has to be from a  memorable visit or experience! LOL  But I am getting a lot of ideas for decorating the house.

Left there and decided to drive “on down the road” to see what we could see.  Came to the “Crocodile bridge” – have no idea what it’s called, but that’s what I’m calling it.  When Bill and Sandra were here the end of Sept./first of Oct., they had pictures  of millions of crocodiles….I swear there were so many of them….on top of each other…ah…..crocodile sex!  At any rate, the pictures they had looked like the crocodiles were layered.

However, we only saw three laying on the bank!

There are a few souvenir shops there and of course I wandered through them.  I did pick up one Christmas present for a friend. Now to find a box to ship it in!

Decided to head back to Orotina and pick up the few pieces of tile we needed and then headed home; after getting a fresh pineapple and watermelon. YUM!

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