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We took another adventure on Sunday…

Posted on: November 15, 2011

After ending last week, week 3 of no one doing anything on our construction, I told Mark I was going to San Ramon and if he wanted to go with me, he was more than welcome!  Yep, folks, I’m getting just a little fed up and very testy.  But enough of that because it will get done, when they get it done….and supposedly it will be this week; this is the 4th date they have given us!

Off we went to San Ramon going via Palmares.  It was a pretty drive but parts of going up the mountain were very steep.  But ole Bessie made it and never overheated!  As we were driving though an area of homes, all of a sudden I saw a small nursery with some gorgeous pots.  So Mark slammed on the brakes and pulled over into a driveway, I’m sure adding years to the person behind us that was tailgating.

The first pot I noticed had giraffes on it and immediately I knew I HAD to have it.  It’s just beautiful!  Not sure what I’ll put in it yet but it’s found a new home.  And because these pots were so different than what I had seen elsewhere, I bet I’ll be back there.

San Ramon was a town on our tour when we visited here trying to decide if this is what we wanted to do….you know live here!  Well, the town square was torn up because they were putting new pavers down for sidewalks and it will be very nice when completed.  Driving around we saw a really nice department store that was open.  Parked ole Bessie and away we went!

I’m having trouble getting in the Christmas spirit and am blaming it on not being able to get unpacked yet and be settled.  As I started wandering through the Christmas aisles, Mark wondered “do we really need to be going up and down these aisles”? What a stupid remark to make to someone that loves the Christmas season!  Since butterflies are so prevalent, I did buy 3 glittery butterflies to put on our tree.

Have noticed lots of people putting their Christmas trees outside – I would guess because Tico houses are small and with the perfect weather here, a decorated tree outside is quite stunning.  Have seen many on front porches, patios, and balconies.

Heading home we came through Sarchi, furniture capital of Costa Rica.  Since Mark had just dropped off a deposit for a specialty made vanity, he said let’s just look and see what they have.  Well, you guessed it, I found one that will have a lot more storage than the one we’re having built!  Alas, contractor claims on Monday that they had already started it!  I don’t believe it anymore than our windows will be in tomorrow, oh wait, we were told that on Friday; but on Monday, it had already been changed to Thursday. Back off Nancy, back off! LOL

I want to go to Sarchi and get the vanity anyway because the vanity that we’re having built, will fit in anywhere!  Stay tuned to see if that happens!




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