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Perhaps our construction will soon be done…..

Posted on: November 11, 2011

After the window (venta) man was again a no show today, I texted the contractor and told him this is no longer acceptable. I don’t want him coming back to our property.  And I said that we had friends who are in the process of building a house and their contractor is more than willing to come give us a quote on finishing the windows.  Then I said, should I contact him or do you want to.

I told him that had I realized he was the one that was going to do the room windows, I would have vetoed him immediately!  It took him a full week to install one small jalousie window!

Received a text back that said he (contractor) would be here at 3  p.m. with a new window man.  So, I’m sure the new “venta” man knows the history of getting the windows done.  Next week will begin week 4 that we’ve been waiting on windows.

Oh, and the original “venta” man told the contractor that he had the jalousie windows done.  I told the contractor that he may think they are done, but until there is glass in them, they aren’t done to me!  The contractor was very surprised they had no glass in them.

I hope no one else gets stuck with this guy.

Not quite sure how long the new man will take…..but if he just shows up and works, I would think it could be done in a couple of days.  LOL….yeah right!

I’m getting a little testy right now….I’m ready to be unpacked and get on with living a “real life”.  AHHHHH, time will tell.

And we’ve been told for the last three weeks, “we should be done by the end of the week”.

Pura Vida and wish us luck, please!


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