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It’s here – our new fridge!

Posted on: November 7, 2011

WOO HOO!  Our new fridge was delivered by Taxi!  In the house and it took all of 5 mins. to put the food from the old one in the new one, which tells you how small it was.  I so love it….now I can buy more than 2 days worth of food at a time.

On another note, no construction people here again!  This is getting to be old.  When Mark was in town earlier today, he ran into Pablo, our attorney.  In chatting with him, he expressed our frustration on how slowly things are going.  Keep in mind, that Mark had called and left 2 messages asking our contractor to call us, to no avail.  Pablo suggested he tell him that maybe it’s time to find another contractor…so Mark left a message to that effect….which resulted in a returned call!  He said he owed us an apology because of the window man; they had only used him one other time and he was extremely slow; he promised he would be here today – almost noon and have yet to see him.  He also “claimed” they would never use him again. My thought, is ya, right; he’s given you the cheapest bid and you will use him again; promises, promises.

But I’m extremely happy and thrilled to have a normal sized refrigerator!  Thanks Mark….and thanks Arturo from Roes!



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