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Another venture today…..and it included shopping

Posted on: November 5, 2011

Today we headed to town and purchased a new refrigerator!  The one that came with the house  is  like an apt. sized refrigerator.  It will be delivered on Monday….by a pick-up that is a taxi!  Yep, our new frig will be delivered by a taxi!!! For some reason, that gives me a chuckle!

While in town we ventured to the pizza place across from Don Yayo’s, yes, soon, I hope, I’ll know what the name of it is.  It’s a dive for sure but has the best tasting pizza!!!  It was Kareoke afternoon, I guess.  Many men were “attempting” to sing…some were so-so, but most were B-A-D!  Frances needed to be there to blow their socks off! She’s the one that has the animal shelter.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day here!  Sunny all day and I got two loads of laundry done and dried by that good ole sun! And one load was towels….which during rainy season is next to impossible to get dry.  We are on the down side of rainy season and we can tell it because we’re in a “happy mood”. LOL

Have started knitting a pair of socks 3 different times….I guess I just wasn’t in the frame of mind for a challenge with the frustration of construction.  However, the third time is a charm….finished the heel, gusset, and am well on my way to knitting on the foot.  YAY! for me…..

Thinking of taking another adventure this week….possibly a volcano.  Or maybe another beach to check out.

When we arrived home we had a notice that we’ll be without water Mon. – Thurs. from 6 a.m. – noon so they can install water meters.  Up until now, we’ve not had to pay for water!  But like they say, all good things must end….

Have I mentioned what a perfect weather day this was?  I told Mark that days like today are why we moved here; well, some of the reason we moved here!

Adios and Pura Vida!




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