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Yesterday, we took another adventure in Costa Rica

Posted on: November 3, 2011

Yesterday, our contractor came first thing in the morning to inform us that the window man would be here.

Knowing that no construction workers would show up, we decided to take a little adventure.  After all, that’s what living in Costa Rica is….only it’s a BIG adventure.


We drove to Playa Dona Ana, about 30-35 minutes from our house.  It’s a National Park and very well kept.  Beaches and picnic area were constantly being raked to keep it clean.  But the best part was the monkeys frolicking in the trees!

At one time we were able to spot 6, including a mama with her baby hanging on for dear life!  Never could get a picture of them because she was a little more skittish and not quite as brave as the others.

A couple at a table next to us asked the security guard if it was OK to feed them….well, let me tell you, feeding one is all it took.  Others came scampering lickety split!  Some were big, some were small, but they all wanted “food”.

We took the dogs with us and we were so proud that they were good….no snapping and growling at the other dogs on the beach.  Mark let Derby and Sedona off leash and they were attentive to stay near us.  Sofi stayed on a leash because I thought the monkeys were eyeing her, thinking she was one of them!

There seemed to be a lot of surfers, 10 plus, waiting for the right wave….never did see any of them get up on their board and take the ride of a life time!

After a few hours there, we decided to try and find another beach that we had been told about.  Alas, that never happened! However, we did find the new Mola’s (used to be in Atenas)!  WOW!  Has that store expanded!  Even a very nice restaurant next to it.  It’s not that far away that we won’t venture there sometime for eats!

After arriving home we found out that there was an earthquake, 5.4, not too far from where we were.  Apparently, our world is always rockin’ and we can’t tell the difference.

This will be a beach we will visit again… going during the week, we avoided the crowds.

Adios for now…..

PS: Window man did not show up! LOL



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