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Nov 1st – a few ramblings about nothing (LOL)

Posted on: November 1, 2011

On Sunday, Pat, John, Mark and I traveled to an Art/Craft Fair.  Wasn’t sure what to expect, but if you don’t venture to do these things, you’ll never know!  Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not about to miss a trip that might entail some shopping!

Saw lots of beautiful art work, but we’re not interested in that until we can unpack and get settled, which by the way, we’re now hoping it will be by Thanksgiving…more on that later.

Saw gorgeous clothing, shoes, bags, etc.  This bowl spoke to me….it wanted to come home and live in the zoo with the rest of us…..I think it’s just adorable….so Tillie has found a new home.

Couldn’t believe it this morning when I rolled over and looked at the clock – it was almost 8 a.m.!  All is quiet, which translates to no construction going on.  They did show up around 10 a.m. and had a truck that they carted away the trash they had accumulated.  However, that wasn’t more than an hour or so and they are gone again.  Supposedly we are waiting on windows and doors.

About a month ago I started knitting on a pair of socks.  After getting to the foot part, I panicked because it looked like I wouldn’t have enough yarn for the second one….so I frogged it!  Found a different, more intricate pattern, because I thought my mind was ready for a challenge; again, got to the foot and had a mistake….so after frogging many rows with K2 tog and yo’s, I decided I would never be able to figure out where I was, so I frogged that one too!  I have started yet another sock, strictly a stockinette stitch sock.  Guess with everything going on in  my mind, it  isn’t in the frame for a challenge as I had hoped!  I’m sure it will happen eventually when the construction is completed.  I blame a lot on the construction! LOL

Three weeks ago we went into town to shop for a new refrigerator; yesterday we did the same thing; had more to choose from 3 weeks ago; found one yesterday; still have the old refrigerator.

I’m thinking that maybe a trip to Sarchi, handcrafted furniture capital of Costa Rica, is in the future.  Tired of all this sitting around and waiting for things to happen.

We both are ready to get on with our lives and attempt to have semblance to day to day activities that will not involve waiting on someone to complete something.

On a bright note, the sun is trying to shine, the birds are singing…..and it almost feels like Pura Vida!

Caio for now!


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