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Posted on: October 26, 2011

Today was another gorgeous day!  Todd and Amy missed having perfect weather by 1 week, darn!

ICE, power company, was working on the lines in our development, which meant, no power for us.  After over an hour of it, we decided to head to the American Embassy in San Jose so I could change my address.  Silly me figured since the Social Security check, (herein known as the cheese check), was direct deposited into a US Bank, and  I didn’t need to change it; but I did need to get it updated.  After 2 emails to Social Security in the US, I was informed to contact the American Embassy here either by phone or email.  So off went an email; after waiting a month, I sent another email to the US; again was told to email them; after another month, I finally got a phone call that I would have to go to the Embassy to do it.  So I can now scratch off that deed done!

Stopped at EPA, Costa Rica’s equivalent of a Lowe’s, and picked up a few more things for the house.

Oh, when the power went out this morning, the construction came to a halt!  We can see the end in sight and it’s absolutely playing havoc with our mind on why things aren’t getting done.  Getting windows here is not like going to Lowe’s or Home Depot, etc. to get pre-fab windows; here they are made from scratch. After graduating from high school, I worked in a factory that made these kind of windows; it isn’t rocket science!  Just can’t figure out why it takes so long.

And the “closet” and bathroom vanity are being fabricated by a woodworker; again, simple projects.  It’s nothing elaborate that we are asking for, we’re just asking for them to get done.

It seems that construction workers like to make the most noise in the a.m., early a.m. to make sure we’re awake; and in the afternoon they decide to paint.  Which makes for a good possibility of getting a nap; however, you no more than get asleep and someone decides to turn on some loud noise maker.  Personally, I’m beginning to think they are messing with my mind and I’ve just about reached my limit! LOL  Like there’s anything I can do about it.

If I can find a Halloween costume (that I brought), we might go to a Halloween Party on Saturday night.  Mark’s on his own for a costume.

Adios for now.



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