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11 days and 11 nights of rain…..sheesh, go away agua!

Posted on: October 18, 2011

Yep, readers, we’ve had 11 days and nights of rain!  It’s time for it to stop for a little while.  We need some sunshine and we need it now! LOL

Even the dogs are sick of it; they no longer want to go out and must be forced.

One advantage is we can still have the windows open!

Construction guys are painting inside….this much rain is playing havoc with everything!  Roads have collapsed, rivers are over their banks, mud slides are plentiful; Mother Nature is pissed at something/someone and it’s time for her to get a new attitude!  The sooner the better.

Todd and Amy are here but have checked and it’s raining in Ft. Myers too!  Old Bessie (the old/new car) is acting up again; broke the faucet on the kitchen sink….yep, things are just going along on schedule!  LOL

Gotta laugh….Pura Vida!


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