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Whew! Rain has stopped (temporarily, I’m sure)……Cuisinart

Posted on: October 16, 2011

After over 30 inches of rain these past 7 days, there seems to be a little break right now.  We can actually see the lights  in the valley! Something we haven’t seen for 7 days….oh, and we haven’t even seen the valley either because of the low clouds. Hope this is a good sign because our daughter and son-in-law arrive in the morning!  I wonder which of us will have less sleep tonight…them or us?

I’ve been wanting to write about my beautiful Cuisinart Coffee Maker for awhile now.  It’s finally moved to the forefront of my mind!

I did research,  more research, and finally a little more research before making my decision.  I knew I didn’t want a coffee pot with a glass carafe because I tend to leave it on and the coffee becomes more bitter and more bitter as the day progresses.

Therefore, I chose a Cuisinart with a stainless steel carafe because it keeps the coffee warm and doesn’t sit on a “hot plate”.

My beef with this Cuisinart is, I make 8 cups of coffee and I’m lucky if there are 4 cups of coffee to pour into cups/mugs. Yes, I understand that a mug takes more coffee to fill it up; however, my coffee mugs aren’t that much larger than a normal cup!

I would like to suggest to Cuisinart that perhaps they make the gauge for water with just a tad more space.  It would be nice to make 8 cups of coffee and get at least 6 cups!

Anyone else have this problem?

Caio for now!


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