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Rain, rain, go away….hard to shop while holding an umbrella

Posted on: October 14, 2011

It’s raining! It rained on Sunday; it rained on Monday; it rained on Tuesday, well, you get the picture, it’s still raining; so far 6 inches today which does not include the previous rain this week.

Makes it difficult for grout, paint, etc. to dry – construction hasn’t made much progress this week; it’s just so darn close to being finished! It will end, I know….just seems like it’s been a long time!

Frances called yesterday and wanted me to go to Grecia shopping today; have you ever known me to turn down a shopping trip! LOL

Off we went in the rain; there’s a bridge you cross on this road and I’ve never seen such raging water underneath it.  Was very pretty and if it hadn’t been raining so hard, there would be pictures of it.  Actually, there’s been so much rain there are “mini waterfalls” along many of the roads.

Went to some fabric shops, no, I didn’t buy any.  I need to get unpacked and see what I brought with me; she was the one buying fabric….to make dog beds. She runs the Animal Lighthouse Shelter and is always in need of dog beds.

On the way home, Mark called to warn me that it had been raining all day; power was out for awhile when it got really windy; we haven’t had many power outages since living here so far.

The road we live on is gravel with some areas that are paved.  The rain makes for some deep ruts; he thought I should stay in town for an hour or so to see if the rain would let up.  I did need to pick up some things, get gas in the car at the only gas station in town, HA!

Then it dawned on me, I’d much rather drive the road in a little bit of light – it gets dark, pitch black dark, at 6 p.m.  So I headed for home.  Not much traffic, I might add.

There must be one area of the mountain that gets a lot of wind because there were limbs, etc. down in the road. Not the first time I’ve noticed that in this particular area.  Driving along, I almost went off the road because I saw a Bufo toad in the road and the only good Bufo, is a dead Bufo.  I think I got ’em!

Then I started to notice a tree had fallen onto the road; glad it was in an area where I could drive around it; some spots in the road are pretty darn narrow; a little bit further another tree in the road, caused by a mini-landslide but I could drive around this one too.

You know one amazing thing will be by tomorrow, some kind soul will have moved these trees so the whole road will be passable again.  In some areas where there are potholes, people try to fill them.

Costa Rica is a kind country!

Time to call it a night; and listen to the falling rain…..

Pura Vida!


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