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October in Costa Rica = umbrellas, boots and rain gear!

Posted on: October 14, 2011

We had been warned that October in Costa Rica can be…well, quite wet!  This week we have been more water logged than we anticipated; It started raining late Sunday and hasn’t really stopped yet.  Monday, it looked like it was going to clear off and me being optimistic, threw in a load of clothes; let me share with you, those clothes are now much wetter than when I hung them on the line or I imagine even more wet than when they were in the washing machine.  But you know what, Pura Vida, it is what it is.  Will be going to a friend’s house on Sunday and using her clothes dryer to dry clothes that were washed last Monday!  And I’m chuckling as I write this!  Ah….rain gauge – 6 inches so far today.

Now to the good stuff…..yesterday Sofi had a day of beauty; her first without her pal, Oliver.  She got beautified at 1 p.m. and I had a dental appointment at 3 p.m.

Very different experience for me at the dentist.  I chose this dentist because his sign said “English Spoken Here”.  We didn’t have much difficulty altho’ I did have to ask him to repeat things.  Nice dental chair wrapped in plastic, TV in the ceiling, etc. A novella (soap opera) was playing….of course, I couldn’t understand it but it did seem to me it took place in a beauty salon; everyone, and I mean everyone in this episode was getting their hair brushed or combed!

I made an appointment to get my teeth cleaned because I’m going to need some dental work done eventually.  He’s quite young, out of dental school about 3-4 years.  First off, he rubbed something on my gums that he kept reassuring me would be good for them;  then he started the cleaning and told me that there wasn’t much plaque and he wouldn’t have to use the machine.  Yep, I know, I should have said, “what machine?”  He used a “pick” to scrape my teeth, like my dentist did in the US.

When it came time to use the grainy grit (I don’t know if what it’s called), he actually just rubbed it across my teeth.  Then he used a “dremel” (a dremel  as in dental dremel).  He had me swish some pink liquid around in my mouth and spit; no rinsing with water, he cautioned me.  Then at the very end, he had me swishing more stuff with the caution, no rinsing.

Yes, my teeth felt clean and I feel that he did a good job.  Am most likely going to need a bridge on each side of my uppers. OH BOY!  He said it will require three crowns on each side, 3 different appointments, for each side; each crown is $220.  He also wants me to go to another location in town for a full set of x-rays, like when the machine moves around your head. That will cost a whopping $20; says he needs that to see the roots, etc.

Am pleased with him; he kept saying “since you are new to Atenas, please feel free to call me anytime if you need help with the language, an attorney, a medical doctor, etc.  Do not hesitate to call me, I want to help you, if you need help.”

That pretty much sums up Costa Ricans…..they all want to help you!

Adios from a rain soaked mountain!




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