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Life continues in Costa Rica….as well as the Bufos.

Posted on: October 8, 2011

Yesterday was sort of a normal day for me. LOL  Normal, yeah, right!

Started out by taking Derby to the groomer and then I went to the feria.  Met up with Pat and John and borrowed the whole Sherwin Williams paint chip pallette.  You want to talk frustration! LOL  I think I could pick a color from each “page”.  However, I don’t have anything to paint with all those choices.  Sigh, so I will get it narrowed down.

Went to the ATM….I’m getting really good at getting colones out of that little machine.

Came home with veggies and fruitas from the feria, yum!  Strawberries here have a wonderful flavor to me….no sugar needed!  Mix with yogurt and granola….muy, muy yummy!

Came home around noon…..

Sofi has continued to battle this foot fungus and so we went back to see Doctora Sharon, our vet.  She took some blood and biopsies to make sure Sofi is on the correct medication.  She bandaged Sofi’s foot again and the little drama queen is milking it to the hilt.  She can hardly walk!  Or so she thinks! She can have the most pitiful look…

The tile for the sidewalk around the house was delivered.  Sometime today the tile for the floor in the bedroom is supposed to be delivered.  And….to our surprise, we’re told the tile man will be installing it on Sunday, tomorrow, yes, on Sunday! WOO HOO! We will believe it when he shows up!

Construction is finally coming together and we think we see the end in sight.  Let the reservations come in!

Todd and Amy arrive in 9 days!  Can’t wait.

Last night while walking Sofi,  I thought she was sniffing a leaf, till it moved!  It was another friggin baby bufo!  Only about an inch to an inch and a half long!   Yep, friends, I stomped on it….my first bufo kill!  Actually, I yelled to Mark that there was a baby bufo on the rancho….his comment, well kill it!  I don’t like doing that but having just buried one dog last week, I was not up to having to do that this week too.

Adios, for now amigas!




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