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My heart is broken……

Posted on: October 1, 2011

It’s 3 a.m. Costa Rica time.  I woke up with tears running down my cheeks.  I guess that would be called “crying in your sleep”.

I’ll give myself till mid-day and then I have to get a grip…..I will start remembering the good, fun, happy times we had with Oliver.

Whenever I was gone, he would greet me so happily, yes, with a big grin on his face and stand up against my legs and we would hug. I can’t believe I’ll never get a wide-open mouthed smile again or a hug from him.  But I’m already beginning to see the happiness he gave me.

We adopted Oliver from an ad on  We lived in KY and at the time we got him, he lived in Georgia.  He came with AKC papers.  The family that had him never should have been allowed to have a dog!  He was three years old when we rescued him.  The lady drove from Georgia to meet me in Nashville, TN for the exchange. A friend went with me to get him.

He was the most pathetic looking dog.  He reeked of yeast infection, his hair was falling out; he looked like a mangy mutt you would find along side the road.  I had requested all shot/health records….I received a piece of paper showing his shots at 3 mos. – apparently, that’s the only vet visit he had!

The vet walked into the examining room and took one look at him and said, “I don’t know what he was being fed, but that’s the cause of the yeast infection and loss of hair…he’s allergic to his food.  In one month, on decent dog food, he’ll be a new dog to you.”  And he was!

It was obvious the husband in the house he came from was abusive towards him; it took awhile for him to warm up to Mark or to any man.  When we would be on walks, if a man walked by us, he would growl and become very protective; another obvious sign was he would cower and shiver whenever I brought in the rolled up newspaper.

I don’t know who benefited more from his coming to live with us…him or us!  I hope he felt like we both did!

Oliver brought much joy to me.

This is like losing a best friend.

I will survive and be a better person for having loved and cared for him.

My heart is broken.  Pets give such unconditional love, they always are there to greet you with a happy face and a wagging tail.

I will get over this sadness, it will take time.  When you lose a child, people say “well, you can have another child”; but it’s not the same.  You can replace a number, but you can’t replace a child; and the same holds true for a pet; sure we can get another dog, but there will never be another Oliver.

Oliver, I know you’re in a better place….called The Rainbow Bridge.  We will meet again…..

We’ve received some beautiful poems, and some very kind words from friends…..that’s what life is about, pets and friends!

Thank you all….and especially thank you Oliver for being so loving….he was my shadow.

I remember one time when I had Bunco at the house.  Mark usually stayed in the bedroom with the dogs while we women cackled and carried on.  Only Oliver, escaped the bedroom. Came running to find me and as I sat and played Bunco, when it was time for me to move to another table, he followed me and sat at my feet. He followed me the whole evening going table to table.

Yay for me, starting to remember the fun and good times with Oliver.

I’m glad Oliver got to spend 100 days in Costa Rica with us!

Adios for now….my heart is broken!



















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You’re getting there. Keep recalling the good times. I’ve had pets since I was too young to remember and there were (are) always the special ones that stood above all the rest.

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