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Such a sad, sad day in Costa Rica

Posted on: September 30, 2011

Oliver has been very, very ill; he had two blood transfusions, CT scan showed enlarged kidneys and spleen.  It appeared he was going to make it but today he took a turn for the worse.

Mark was at the grocery when Doctora Sharon called to tell him.  He stopped at her office and said Oliver was just pitiful.  His eyes jaundiced, etc.  He called me and came home to get me so I could be with Oliver one last time.

When I walked in her clinic, he was laying sound asleep on the couch.  I immediately went over to sit with him and give him a hug.  Mark said his tail wagged when I called his name, I wish I had noticed it.  He was so weak.  His white cell count should have been 200 and his was 14.  His skin was even yellow, it’s just so sad.

I wanted to hold him while the vet “did her thing”.  He just went to sleep.

Mark is digging his grave as I type this.   He will be just outside the bedroom window.

When we came in the house, the dogs gave both of us a “sniff” test…..their last sniffs of Oliver.

I’m glad we brought all our dogs; I would have hated to learn something like this had happened if we had found homes for them.

I’m glad Oliver got to ride on an airplane.  I’m glad we rescued him from the horrible  home he was in for 3 years; he’s been a good dog in spite of his start in life.

I will miss him terribly; these last 3 days when he was at the vets, have been heart wrenching for me.  I knew this day would come eventually but I sure didn’t expect it this soon.

I am sad, very sad.  But in my heart I know it was best; he was in pain and no longer is; he’s in dog heaven with the rest of our other dogs.

We love you Oliver – good-bye from Sedona, Derby and Sofi; Sofi misses sharing a dog bed with you!

I miss you terribly already!




6 Responses to "Such a sad, sad day in Costa Rica"

I am so sorry. I wish I was there to hug you.

I am so so sorry for your loss. You made me cry just reading it! Hugs and kisses, Nancy!

I am crying for you, my friends. I have been there before and will be there again, sooner than I would like. Just remember him and all the funny, sweet things. You made his life better as he did yours. I love you guys.


You’re in my thoughts. I’ve been through the same thing more than once. It’s never easy. Sending sunshine your way.

Thanks Kirk for your kind words.

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