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Update on Oliver….and other tidbits

Posted on: September 29, 2011

We had anticipated him getting to come home today, but that isn’t going to happen. The medication she had him on has thrown his liver enzymes out of whack so she’s keeping him another night.  Poor guy.  I know he’d be a little better if he could just come home!

Tomorrow is the day we’re shooting for his homecoming!  I think he should get a new toy for all he’s been through, don’t you?

When he comes home, besides medication, he’ll also be on a special food.  She said he wouldn’t eat much this morning, but the food isn’t very tasty.  Not quite sure how she knows that. LOL

At any rate, she said we’ll need to doctor the food with chicken, rice, veggies, potatoes….anything to get him to eat it.  No beef or fish.

I feel like I’m doing more cooking than I bargained for when moving here, and now it seems like I’m cooking for Oliver too! YIKES!

On another note:  construction guys yesterday tore the phone line apart; so we have no home phone.  And they’ve done something to the electric to the pool, so that’s not running.

However, the septic tank is installed; old one has yet to be drained, tho.  But the Septic Tank Party is still on for Saturday!  Woo Hoo….

Been stressful lately with making decisions on tile, bathroom fixtures, etc., plus Oliver’s illness.  Surely tomorrow will be a glorious day when he comes home!  Derby seems to be the only one that notices he is gone.  Most likely because he’s realized he doesn’t have to share the couch!

Costa Rica seems to be like Amy’s aneurysm recovery….two steps forward, one step backwards!

Adios for now…….





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