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Terribly stressful 2 days!

Posted on: September 28, 2011

Yesterday a.m. Oliver became extremely lethargic and very ill; I wanted to call the vet because in my eyes it was an emergency. Mark said no we’ll wait till she’s open!  Which was 3+ hours later.

Oliver goes in to see Doctora Sharon; she immediately recognizes that he’s pale (did you know dogs can be pale); b/p was very low and he was very dehydrated.  She immediately tried to draw blood and couldn’t get any from the foot area so she went to his chest.  Mark said he just laid there, with the most pitiful look.  Normally, he would be extremely fiesty.

We had taken in some urine, that was very bloody.  She was very puzzled about his condition.  Kept inquiring if he could have gotten into some poison or bitten by a tick, but the answer is no.  I keep him cut very short and we pet him enough that we would have noticed a bug/tick bite. Oliver stays with Doctora Sharon.

Off we go with our builder to look at tile, etc. for the room addition.  The first place we stopped we got a phone call from the vet.  He needed a blood transfusion in order to make it through the night!  So of course, my mind is NOT on picking out things for the room, by now! I was ready to come home right then and there!

Arrived home around 6 p.m. – not having heard another word.  Finally a call!  He handled the transfusion well, she said.  However, she wanted to keep him over night.  He was still very lethargic.  He possible had an autoimmune disease.

The phone call this morning was encouraging. Said he ate a little this morning and was a little active; however, she wanted to wait till she got confirmation of it today; she still wanted to give him another transfusion; and take him to the University for a CT scan (originally, I thought MRI).

Doctora Sharon called again about 4 p.m. – it is indeed the autoimmune disease! She said the scan showed enlarged kidneys, which goes with the diagnosis and enlarged spleen which also goes with the diagnosis.  Diagnosis is a little bit better than 50/50; he will stay another night and we can bring him home mid-day tomorrow.

Oliver is 10 yrs. old (11 on Halloween).  He’ll be on medication and we’ll hope for the best and more time with him.

So it’s Pura Vida for now!





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