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Phone calls – YUCK! and FRUSTRATION

Posted on: September 26, 2011

Dropped the dogs off for grooming this morning; knew I had time to make some phone calls. Friends, please remember that I can’t just pick up a phone and make a call, I have to drive into town and find free wi-fi to do it.

Called one friend, and yes, there was lots of noise in the background, she hung up; so I called right back and it went to voice mail. I was bummed to say the least! Background noise was a septic tank getting emptied! All of a sudden my life is consumed with septic tanks! LOL

So I called another friend, we got along just fine with the conversation and the background noise! Sometimes it’s just so nice to hear a familiar voice!

When I call you I’m calling on a skype number from the US so you probably won’t recognize the number; and the next time I call you, it probably won’t be the same number that appears; bear with me till this damn internet crap gets fixed.

If you think you’re frustrated when I’m trying to call you, it’s nothing compared to my frustration. I am not used to having to plan to make a friggin’ phone call! Everyone in Costa Rica has cell phones; yes, I understand that most are not trying to call the US. However, I’m at my wits end with trying to call friends!

Some of you answer my emails – some of you don’t. I have/had wonderful friends in the US and would like to continue the friendship.

Probably the best way for you to understand, is come visit us! LOL The dogs would welcome some familiar smells!

Just had to get that off my chest – and yes, my chest has now deflated!

Pura Vida!


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But wait… there’s more. Not only can we NOT pick up the phone anytime we want to make ANY phone call… we have NO WAY to call the U.S. from our home. No cell service, no landline service (it’s a long story) and no internet phone service.

However… we can receive phone calls! Hint, hint.

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