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Big week, really big week here!

Posted on: September 25, 2011

This will be another milestone week!

Monday the dogs get groomed.  YAY!  Two less under foot for a few hours.

Actually, while they are at their day of beauty, I’ll be hitting a tile store or two in town.  Yep, it’s time to pick out the tile for the floor in the new addition!  And to decide on bathroom fixtures.  And to pick out the color for the walls.

Lalo, foreman, told us on Friday that the room would be done in 8 days! Not sure I quite believe that…..septic tank has not been drained and new one put in; roof and insulation not installed; electric isn’t installed; windows not installed; floor has to be leveled and then cement poured before the tiles can even be installed; but you know what, one can always hope!  I’m figuring it’s going to be more like 2 weeks!

I’ve always thought that when the construction guys are “throwing mud”, it looks like fun!  I got to “throw mud” on Friday. Lalo wants to contract with me …. !

Friends from Texas arrive in Costa Rica Tuesday night for a family wedding in Jaco.  They’ll be driving on the autopista, providing there are no landslides!, and will go by the Escobal exit, which is close to our house.  We’re meeting them in Escobal for lunch….excited to see familiar faces! They’ll arrive back in Atenas on Friday and will be staying for a few days.

We’re starting to plan our septic tank party!  Anyone reading this will be invited! LOL  Let me know you’ll be attending tho’.

Pura Vida!


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