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Another milestone – only this one we could have done without…..

Posted on: September 22, 2011

I was still in bed this morning and heard Mark go out the door to walk the dogs and immediately heard “SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!”  I yelled now what’s wrong.  His reply was “we have a flat tire”.  Keep in mind that only yesterday, he said “I think the next time we go into town, we need to get air in the tires”.

So, he has spent this morning changing the tire….convinced there is a nail in the tire because of the “flying nails” that come with the territory of construction. BUT, when he got the tire off, he couldn’t see a nail….to make a long story short, he has now gone into town to get it fixed.

Went to a small dinner party last night and met some interesting people; food was good, wine made me so friggin’ hot I could have undressed and still been hot!  But I survived intacked with clothes on.

Construction is moving along well; am still concerned/puzzled about when they are going to drain the septic tank and put in a new one.  Originally we were told that would be the first thing done.  Well, sides are up, roof should be completed today or tomorrow (famous last words) and the old septic tank is in the middle of the room being built!  We were told, being told something and it actually happening are two different scenarios, that Monday, they are bringing in a backhoe to take care of the septic tank.  We would almost like them to wait till next Friday, when our friends from Texas will be here!  I’ve been waiting for a month now to have a “We have a new septic tank party”!  Complete with party favors!!!

Life is still wonderful here, we LOVE the weather!  Have had windows open since arriving in Costa Rica.

By the way, yesterday was my 90th day in Costa Rica! We now have the expediente paperwork that shows we have a number and are “in the book” to get our residency!  WOO HOO for us!

Adios for now…..come see us ya’ll!






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