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The milestones just keep happening….

Posted on: September 19, 2011

Today we went to our residency attorney’s home to pick up our Expediente paperwork.  Technically, we don’t have to carry our passports with us where ever we go, just this piece of paper. However, not wanting anyone to have the chance to deport us, well, me anyway, I’ll be carrying my paperwork and my passport.

On the way back to Atenas we got into a horrible rain storm….lots of thunder, fierce lightning, high winds, etc.  Even saw trees and good sized limbs down!  Reminded me of a little tornado, however, I’ve been assured, Costa Rica DOES NOT have tornadoes.

Stopped at the vet so she could check out Sofi, poor baby just can’t get rid of this breaking out, etc.  She now has 2 more pills, ointment, shampoo, etc.  Mark just shakes his head….he’s now realizing the time the dogs take! LOL

So after the vet, we headed on home, worrying about the dogs and the storm.  Oliver has developed a major fear of storms and I feel bad when we leave and it’s sunny and gorgeous and then the storm moves in.

I was driving Ms. Smartie; those that know where we live, know the road we live on is well, primitive, for lack of a better word.  Mark was in a panic; my car can go between ruts and over holes where other cars cannot!  I had everything under control!

Water was gushing down the mountain side like crazy; looked like someone had opened a vat of cappucino and it was escaping quickly.  Saw a mini-land side on our road; I had no trouble, drove around it.

Mark was upset because I wasn’t in a panic!  I kept telling him, you handle what you’re going through, and when it’s over, then you panic!  He still doesn’t get it.

Two milestones today; expediente obtained; drove through a real Costa Rican rain storm in little ole Ms. Smartie.

Expediente means we are “in the book with a number”…..they tell us this is a good thing!  To obtain our residency…..

Bad thing was construction guys only worked about a half day! Bummer…..come on rain, please cooperate!

Pura Vida!



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Love reading about your progress and seeing Mark’s pix! Congrats on getting your expediente (yahoo!) and not getting swept away in the Great Deluge of 2011!

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