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What a fun day today!

Posted on: September 18, 2011

Bruce and Frances wanted to take us to a “restaurante” called Casa Bavaria – north of Alajuela, up high in the mountains, where it was cool!  So cool that I saw men in jackets and knitted scarves; there we were in short sleeves!  Felt good to me! LOL

It’s a beautiful place with an absolutely unbelievable scenic view.  Many people were eating there; it was buffet….you name it, it was there!  Such unusual salads; had one with small strips of carrots, a few raisins, and tiny chunks of cut up pineapple with a dressing over it.  It was very, very tasty.

Best part was being able to sample all the desserts!  Personally, I don’t think desserts here are as sweet as they are in the states.  The Tira Misu was so yummy!  And we got try the Tres Leche cake, pretty yummy too.

We took the LONG way to get there but it was such a pretty drive.  Frances showed us places where she went to in order to rescue animals after an earthquake.  It was so nice to see they’ve got a new road, not like the autopista that is closed off and on for landslides.  I’m sure this road has landslides too, but you can tell that it’s a new road, with drainage for water and terraced hillsides.  The people that were responsible for building this wonderful road obviously did NOT build the autopista.

Saw lots of vivarias (nursery) that I want to go back to!!!

It was just a really nice day……not a whole lot of talking on the way home (took the short route home) but I think that’s because everyone had a full tummy and was more interested in taking a short nap! LOL

They have told us there are other places they want to take us to eat….like some biker bar that has the best shrimp! Can’t wait for that one!

Adios for now!


PS: I think retired people eat a lot!


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