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Lantern Parade – Kick-off to Independence Day

Posted on: September 15, 2011

Last evening was the lantern parade in downtown Atenas.  We met John and Pat for dinner and then moseyed our way to the parade route.

There must have been a million people, well, not quite a million, but there certainly were a lot of families in the parade!  Some kids had home made lanterns; some with actual candles burning, others had small battery powered lights in their lanterns; some were very elaborate and others were store bought.  Everyone was excited!  Some lanterns were made out of recycled things, others were just plain, one was a space ship.  I was so taken with watching I didn’t get any pictures!

I made an observation that next September I must adopt a kid or two to get involved with making the lanterns! What a fun project that would be!

On another note, Mark killed another bufo yesterday.  We were talking about that at dinner with John and Pat; on Tuesday, John killed 13, thirteen, yes, 13 bufos!  I figured it must have been the whole damn family!  At any rate he threw the carcasses down a small hill with the intention of moving them all the following morning; well, morning came, and John went on his mission…..they were all gone, vanished into thin air. LOL  Don’t know if a predator “ate” them or what, but 13 bufos is a lot!  We think the next time he should take them to a taxidermy and have them stuffed, mounted and displayed in their new rancho/cathedral!

Today is actually Independence Day – we started the morning with 1820 in our cup and a little Cafe Rica for some kick!

This is beginning to feel like home…..Tico’s are proud of their country!  And certainly are instilling pride in their children with this parade!  Can’t wait till next Independence Day.  Perhaps if I wear my purple wig, I could be mistaken for a child and walk in the parade with my own handmade lantern….



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