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Another milestone yesterday – Ms. Smartie arrived to her new home

Posted on: September 13, 2011

Yesterday morning a friend and I went shopping; on our way home, Mark called and said that Barry called and said Ms. Smartie is ready to come to her home!  YAY!!!  I haven’t seen her or driven her since June 20!

He met us for dinner at Don Yayo’s; she was a welcome sight because now all the things in the container have finally “come home”.

I’m going to have to learn how to paddle shift because of the hills!  Therefore, I let Mark drive her home while I drove the expensive OLD vehicle.  I really don’t mind driving the old one.  So today, sometime, I’ll be driving her up and down the road to get the feel of paddle shifting.

It’s slowly beginning to feel like home; as soon as the room addition is done and we can truly get settled, it will be home!

This is considered the rainy season; shhhh…..we haven’t had rain for 6 days!  Everything is very green and lush; lots of blooming flowers, etc. So far the rain we’ve had has not been an all day rain….just showers and then they stop.

Sept. 15th is Independence Day in Costa Rice; I bought a Costa Rican flag to fly!  Store windows are decorated in red, white and blue and everything is beginning to be quite festive.  There is a parade in town on the evening of the 14th that we are planning to watch.  We’ve been told all the school kids carry lantern-type things signifying when Costa Rica did not have electricity.

It’s an exciting time to be here!  We still love it!

Am starting to take reservations for visitors anytime after 12/1 – could be earlier if the room addition is completed!

Pura Vida for now!



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