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Red Letter Day for us in Costa Rica!

Posted on: September 8, 2011

Today was a milestone for us!  Thanks to a friend here, Pat, we are now official Costa Rica drivers licenses owners. She guided us right to every spot we needed to be!

She suggested yesterday we see about getting our blood typed and physicals at the Dr. here in town….we did… about speeding up the process!

We were there at 7:53 a.m.; official looked at our paperwork, KY drivers licenses, and passport and then sent us back to get some pages copied and the KY drivers licenses copied and the official said, don’t get back in line, see me!  We were directed inside and sent to the back row of chairs.

Apparently, this is the row for newbies!  We sat and waited and waited and finally we were summoned to go upstairs….the first 4 in the row were summoned. Mark was #dos, I was #tres.

There we waited in more chairs while an official looked over the originals and the copies; then he signed them and sent us to another room.  There the lady asked us our address and  a few other questions, organ donors?, etc….then she gave us a piece of paper and we had to leave that building and go all the way back to the front of the property to go to the bank and pay our 4,000 colones each; then we had to go back to the building at the back of the property with our receipts from the bank; go upstairs and back to the same lady who took our pictures without glasses (yes, we both should be on a poster on the wall of US post offices!) and voila! we were given our drivers licenses!!!!  What a milestone today was!!!

Walking back toward the front of the property, there was a little snack place and I felt that I should have a Pepsi to celebrate!  Mark obliged….he and Pat had Cokes.

This evening Pat called and her residency was granted today!  So it was a good day in Costa Rica for milestones…..

Pura vida!

PS:  Pat is debating whether or not her husband should become a citizen too! (Tee Hee)


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