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Posted on: September 3, 2011

Having been without internet for a few days, except for sporadic  iphone usage, I feel like I’m finally connected again.  Of course, that’s at the mercy of the ICE Gods…..Mark spent 2 days at the ICE office this week, trying to figure out what happened to our internet.   I still don’t quite understand what happened, but at least we’re back on line for now.

When I left the states, Mark was beginning to pack up the “pantry” and my words of encouragement were “do not pack anything with an expired date”…..I’m sure you know the rest of the story. This morning as he was unpacking another box of “food”, I again imparted those famous words; then I heard a blue streak of  “why did I pack the expired food”?  Now how in the world, am I supposed to reply to that?  Then he informed me that he didn’t care if the frosting was expired, he was going to eat it anyway and if he died, well, what a way to go!

I insisted on bringing  a hall tree, you know, like you hang jackets on….jackets that we don’t wear here!  And the bottom of the hall tree is for storing umbrellas, which, Mark conveniently “sold” aka “gave away”.  I think he was having little brain farts or in a panic mode when it came to getting rid of things… folks, here we are in the rainy season, without one, none, nada, of those wonderfully large golf umbrellas!

I think this is the first week that all four dogs have been here that we haven’t visited the vet, Doctora Sharon! That is a milestone in itself. Altho’ Sofi does need to be groomed.

Construction has finally begun on the room addition!  Hip, Hip Hooray!  Now we need it to start raining in the late, key word is late, afternoon so they get a full day in….we are able to now use our storage/bodega room.  GULP!  It’s full and we’ve still got stuff to unpack….but not everything can get unpacked till the room is completed.

Next week the new septic tank will be installed….and yes, I’m thinking a party, celebration, whatever you want to call it is needed.  Not many people have a “YAY, our septic tank is installed” but I truly believe that’s a milestone and worth celebrating.  Most of you that know me, realize, it doesn’t take much for me to want to celebrate it.  Hey, KLA people, remember all the medical luncheons I used to organize?!!!  Fun, fun times.

Hasta Luega for now!




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