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Big day for Mark in Costa Rica

Posted on: August 26, 2011

Since Mark received his first Soc. Sec. check last Weds., (herein referred to as “cheese check”) he had to return to the American Embassy in San Jose to get the official paperwork stating he got/gets it.  In short, it needed to have stamps and seals, etc…..Costa Rica loves those things on official documents.  Then we will get that paperwork to our residency attorney and she in turn will file  it on Sept 2.  Then we just wait for the paperwork to get through the system.

Next week’s agenda will be to get Costa Rican drivers’ licenses….we will need bloodwork to obtain these.  As long as our US licenses are not expired or close to expiring, we can get them easily.  If they are expired or within 6 mos. of expiring, we would have to take a written test in Spanish.  Don’t think we’ll be doing that just yet!

The bodega/carport is getting painted today; and hopefully we can move stuff from the rancho to the carport freeing up some outdoor living space.  Won’t be able to move stuff into the bodega till the end of next week.

Sedona seems to be having a hard time adjusting – or it could be adjusting to medication from here.

Derby’s dog Tourette’s is the same. He just cannot control his bark once he gets started.

Oliver is the same, I just have to be in his sight…..

Sofi – well, she’s just Sofi!

Mark just called and he made it to the Embassy!

Ciao for now!



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