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Interesting start to the day…..

Posted on: August 23, 2011

Dogs began raising a ruckus about 6ish a.m.; construction guys not here yet so who knows what their problem was.  Possibly a lizard scampering about…Mark finally got up to see what the problem was and of course, he could see nothing.  Since he was up he decided to go ahead and walk them.

He no more than got in the house and the darn electricity went off.  It doesn’t go off frequently for any length of time.  And usually it just flickers during some big thunderstorms….alas, the sun was shining brightly with a gorgeous blue sky.

Well, it was off for 3 hours, give or take a few.  I hurriedly jumped in the shower; then got the washer started…..hope the rains don’t start as early today as they did yesterday.

Mark is in signing papers for whatever he’s signing papers for….something to do with construction; however, they aren’t going to start on the room for another 2 weeks.  I guess they don’t understand we are having visitors and need the room, NOW!    We’ll get along, but it will require patience on everyone’s part!

The vet called yesterday and said Oliver and Sofi need a “recipe’ – prescription; to help calm them during the storms; they never had a problem in the states with storms. It’s something organic, probably St. John’s Wort.  When you get a “recipe” from the vet, you go to the farmacia to have it filled, which is a little different than we are used to….

Washing machine has stopped and it’s time for me to go to work…..



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