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Big day, new adventures….

Posted on: August 17, 2011

Today is our 43rd wedding anniversary!  What an exciting day for us….we met our residency atty. at Multiplex Mall in San Jose.  And from there she drove, thank heavens.  San Jose is not a dream place to drive!

First we went to have photos taken…and OMG!  Do we ever look like we belong on wanted posters hanging in post offices in the US!  Had to remove earrings, and glasses… know sometimes glasses are a wonderful thing for sort of disguising those dark circles under your eyes.

Then we visited the US Embassy in San Jose…..weren’t able to get our paperwork there yet because Mark hasn’t received his first Soc. Sec. check yet – or as we call it, the cheese check.  So we will go back there and get the required paperwork once his first check is deposited this month.

As we were leaving the Embassy, we spotted the sign.  Asked our attorney to take our picture in front of the sign and she was immediately informed that was a no-no by security, which we all knew!    So eventually, we’ll get that photo posted.

Then to the Ministry of Security in San Jose to get finger printed.  She explained to us that this was the equivalent of the Pentagon in the U.S.  What a dilapidated building!  They took us separately to get in the system. Then we went to the “finger printing man”.  I’m not quite sure these were very good fingerprints….at least in my minds eye they weren’t.  First time for me to be fingerprinted.  Oh, but here’s the best, we moved to the shorter line because we are old!  Yep, in Costa Rica age is a good reason to move to the front of the line!

She dropped us back at the Metroplex Mall, a very, very, upscale mall.  Needed to find the Apple store because I needed a new charging cord for my iphone.  The store was called Icon.  It’s a huge mall and very few people in it….lots of stores and guess what we found!  A yarn store….and they were having a knitting class!  I’ve found a place that actually was stocked with yarn and needles, cross stitch stuff, etc.

Then we headed back to Atenas….and the best part of all this, we didn’t get lost today!

Because the state of IN did NOT authenticate my birth certificate, it had to be sent to the attorney’s contact in D.C. and it will be delivered back to her tomorrow.   Was sent to D.C. last Weds. so we think it’s remarkable that it will be delivered back to her tomorrow.  As soon as we get the Soc. Sec. paperwork, she says it will be 3 – 4 months and then we’ll have our residency papers.

Next weeks agenda will be to get drivers’ licenses.  Need to get them before we’ve been here for 90 days otherwise we’ll have to take a written exam in Spanish.  I have enough problems passing the written part in the US!

Another exciting day!

Adios for now.









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