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A few Costa Rica ramblings….

Posted on: August 16, 2011

I will not feel like we have really moved here until our “prized possessions” arrive. Still no word on it yet….big sigh, big, big sigh!

I hope I haven’t already written about this, so if I have, chalk it up to the permanent vacation mind-set.

You can actually buy: a motorcycle, bicycle, furniture, appliances, cell phones, and small appliances in one store!  And NO!, it’s not Wal-Mart. In fact, we have yet to go to Wal-Mart.

I have been to Pequeno Mundo…and I’m positive, that’s not spelled right, which is sort of like a Big Lots.  Muy, muy (very, very) many things there I’m sure I NEED!!!!

I sort of get unnerved when driving by the gas station and see security with machine guns…..I’m not a gun person….they scare me. Same with the security at the bank….but by the same token, it would be interesting to know how many bank robberies there are in Costa Rica. I don’t have the mindset of a thief, but I know seeing those gun toting men, would keep me from doing anything wrong.

And I’m pretty sure they know when the “gringa” is in town by the way I park my car….I tend to leave the tail end of the vehicle more in the street than in the parking space…..or else I drive around till I can find a spot that I can actually drive into (think the first space). Remember, I’m used to driving my Ms. Smartie and not a big SUV.

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I can understand guards at the bank, but why are they at the gas stations? People steal gasoline? What is the cost of gas over there? I know how you feel seeing those guns though. It unnerved my when we were in Amersterdam’s airport and they (men with machine guns) were all over the place. Made me realize that yes, I’m in a place where crazy things happen and they need this kind of security. But that airport was hit by terriost years ago. They opened up and killed alot of people at that airport. Glad to have the security, but still unnerving all the same. I believe that one day we’ll see it at our airports in the USA too.

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