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Jungle noises – oh my!

Posted on: August 11, 2011

Wouldn’t you think the dogs would be freaked out at all the different noises?

The green parrots show up frequently in the treetops – chattering like crazy!  At least 3 – 4 times a day…..lots of green parrots!

Various other birds have the sweetest sounding warble….so melodic.

And the howler monkeys! Have yet to see any but we sure do hear them….very eery sounds.

The sounds that freak out the dogs most….are you ready for it…..mooing of the cows! LMAO…seriously.  Of course, that could be because they are so close when they get loose.

Finally, have learned to keep the gate to the driveway closed at night to keep the cows from coming in….never in my wildest dreams of living in Costa Rica did I think I would need to “protect” the property from cows.

Just another adventure in paradise.


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hahaha!!!! that’s great!!!!

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