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Another day, another adventure

Posted on: August 10, 2011

Mark is sick with the Costa Rican crude; if he is not improved by tomorrow, he will be going  to see Dr. Candy.

Obviously, something is wrong with Oliver too.  He keeps throwing up!

Heard from Barry, the shipper today, apparently, such a big word, our container is in Costa Rica now; it will be next Tuesday or Wednesday, possibly, another big word, before it’s delivered; and a couple more weeks before Ms. Smartie is in our possession.  Kind of scary that the car isn’t in “the book” for taxing, so they are going to make up a tax.

Had to go into town this morning to meet construction guy and make a down payment.  This involves going to the bank to “get the colones”.  Only so many people at a time can be in the bank….you take a “number” from the machine and then quietly sit waiting for you number to appear on the board telling which teller to see.  Oh, the bank door is constantly locked and unlocked during the day, to let people in, bags are looked in and your bag is “wanded” (think TSA) by an armed guard.

Mark was told on Monday to come back on Weds. to the bank to pick up our cards in order to pay bills on the internet.  We have a card in colones and a card in US dollars….sort of like being ambidextrous!  Then it was a major deal for my name to be on the account, which he set up last  April when he was down here to buy the house.

Yep, this involved seeing our attorney again to obtain a personaria in order for my name to be on the account!  So we went to our attorney, with no appointment; they immediately started working on the paperwork we needed for the bank…..and within a matter of minutes, we were on our way back to the bank.  And no charge to us!

So after about 45+ more minutes at the bank, we now have a joint account.

Came home; phone repairman was here within 5 minutes of us arriving home; said the problem is between the phone pole and our house and we needed an electrician. When Mark woke up from his nap, he picked up the phone and voila! we had a dial tone!

Today was just another big adventure……Pura vida!









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I hope Mark feels better soon! Sounds like everything is coming together and it sounds so exciting.

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