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Another fun adventure….

Posted on: August 6, 2011

For a couple of weeks, I’ve been seeing signs posted that said there was an Artisians Feria in Barrio Jesus.  However, I wasn’t able to decipher a lot of words in the sign. So I emailed Pat and asked her if she had seen the signs and did she know where it was…..thus began the adventure!

It was an environmental/artisians feria….some school kids had made very creative posters promoting “save the environment”.  There were even cleverly made
decorations from recycled materials…..

As far as the artisians part of the feria, it was very small, but there were a couple of booths that had some interesting things….which, of course, makes me long for my “creative” things stuck somewhere in a container!

After that John, Pat’s husband said “do you want to do some geocaching? ”  They are very into it and very creative about “what they hide”.  So we went into an area that I would call “East Jesus Georgia” , down roads that ox-carts way back in the beginning of time went down….past the School of Veterinary Science, and screech! Pat says “the “dairy store” is open….so we go through the gate and are informed it’s only open on Saturdays.

She bought various cheeses, chorizo, and yogurt; after getting into the car and looking at her receipt, she declared the prices are worth the drive there.

Off into the forest we go….lots of construction seemed to be going on but it doesn’t mean construction of a road! LOL

We go down this hill and voila!  A decrepit old bridge over a river…..very, picturesque, with the swirling brown water, smooth rocks along the edge of the river, and across the river at least 6 men fishing.  Talk about a picture from long ago.  It was absolutely beautiful!!!

On our way back to town, Pat declared she was hungry and said “let’s go eat at Don YaYo’s”  Pretty good eats.

BTY, Mark chose to stay home and attempt to make a “can-tenna” (antenna out of a can) to try and speed up our internet!  It didn’t work and he missed a good adventure.


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That sounded like a good day. Nancy by the time I get there your going to know all the hot spots to take me to, lol. How exciting for you and Mark to have this new never ending adventure.

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