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OMG! Could tomorrow be THE day….

Posted on: August 4, 2011

that construction starts?  We were told they would start tomorrow….so who will be here first, the chattering parrots or the construction workers?  This morning the parrots started at 4:45 a.m., and it was still DARK out!

Yesterday for something to do, we drove to Sarchi, the furniture capitol (al or ol?) of Costa Rica.  There’s some mighty fine woodworking going on in this country.  When people start visiting us, this will be on the tour.  And for some reason, I’m thinking Gayla will buy something to ship home! LOL

And, this is a biggie….I found another “craft type” store in Atenas!  So that’s two I’ve found now…alas, still no knitting needles!  Bummer.

Still no word on the arrival of the container.

I feel badly for you people suffering in the horrible heat…..if our construction was done, (HA!), I’d say come on down near the equator and cool off….

Adios for now……………


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