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Found a great store in Atenas, Costa Rica

Posted on: August 2, 2011

Three cheers for me!  A hearty thank you to Kat (new friend here) for telling me about this small, very tiny shop behind the market place.  It’s a “craft” store for all intensive purposes…..alas, no fabric, but a little yarn, crochet hooks (apparently CR is a “hooking” country)….wait till they see me with my knitting needles!

Even looked to me like they had serger thread and embroidery thread!

Therefore, I bought two crochet hooks to the tune of 395 colones each (500 = $1) and a skein of yarn just to fiddle with….

Dogs are “healing” according to Dr. Sharon, their new doc.  However, Oliver is in for the shock of his life!  As soon as he starts gnawing on his feet, he’s joining the cone heads!  Sedona is healing but still needs more cream on her and well as Sofi.  Weekly visits to the vet just like in the states! LOL

Still love it here and have to pinch myself daily to think this is now home!

Adios for now!








3 Responses to "Found a great store in Atenas, Costa Rica"

I am staying in Atenas for 3 more weeks and looking for yarn. I cannot locate Enhanted Yarn and Thread in Atenas. Can you give me directions. Are there any other yarn shops close by? Please help, I am desperate for yarn! Thanks!

I have a three week stay in Atenas. Is the market the super mercado across the road from ReMax? Looking to see what yarns are available

Could you tell me the address of the yarn shop in Atenas. Need to knit a baby blanket in “pink” for granddaughter to be. Have some blue yarn I brought with me from States, but need pink and if I can get it here in CR that would be great. Otherwise, will have to order it and ship it here. Have till October. We have been in Cartago since November and love it. Applied for pensionados and waiting for permanent card. Thanks a lot,.

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