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Attended a Barrio Festival today…..

Posted on: July 31, 2011

Frances, from the animal shelter, invited to us to a Barrio Festival at their neighborhood church. They were also going to have a dog show.

Decided we would only take one dog with us today and it ended up being Sofi – however, we were not entering her into any of the contests….I thought the winners should be from their neighborhood.

When we arrived, they were having an auction of some neat and some not so neat stuff!  Attending an auction in the US is difficult enough for me trying to understand the auctioneer; WWWEEEELLLLLLL! Folks, try figuring it out in Spanish!  Once in a while I could decipher a number but by the time I searched in my pea brain for the Spanish number, the auctioneer had changed prices.  Talk about not understanding what was going on! LOL

Mark and I got tickled at three small boys, maybe the oldest was 7 and the youngest 4 at the most.  There were 4 calves tied to the fence along the edge of the road.  They were trying their darndest to rope a calf.  Finally, the youngest one grew tired of “the game” and dropped his rope/lasso and decided a puddle looked like more fun.  He had on jeans and cowboy boots and promptly went to the puddle and stomped one foot in…..his Papacito didn’t like it one bit!  I thought it was funny.

Sofi didn’t want to get down and so after holding her for what seemed like an eternity, we left.  But Mark noticed as I was walking through the crowd, people were checking her out to see if she was going to be the smallest….she wasn’t by a long shot.

I’m amazed at what a “dog country” this is!  When we drive into town through Guacimo, there are a lot of dogs, all sizes, some laying in the road with the mentality, that “ho hum, he’ll drive around me”… time when I was driving through, a dog about the size of Sedona was draped over a huge rock sleeping.

This is such an entertaining country!  I hope all my friends get the opportunity to visit!

As I’ve said before, this is not just one big adventure, but lots of little ones!!!

Pure Vida! As they say….ahhhh, the good life.


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