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Police escort to the beauty shop, seriously!

Posted on: July 27, 2011

After my illness last week, I could no longer stand my hair. I think hair and nails grow faster when it’s hot weather.  At least mine do.

Bruce and Frances  told me about this Columbian hairdresser that’s very good; so I called to get directions to her place.  I knew of the area vaguely.

Called Mariana and had an appt. for 11 a.m. today; she said her English wasn’t good enough to give me directions.  Then she said “I’ll walk down and meet you.”

Off I go …. drive and drive and drive; finally I came up on “dos policia” and ask them if they knew where Mariana’s was.  One spoke no English, the other did “poco”.

So  with my “poco Spanish” and his “poco English”, I called Mariana and she gave the directions to the “policia”.  Then he said “follow me. You are a long way away.”

So off we go…the only thing better would have been if they had their sirens going; yes it was a 2-cop escort on motorcycles!

When we arrived at a fork in the road, there she was grinning from ear to ear.  She hopped in my vehicle and we drove the couple blocks to her shop.  I got a hair cut, pedicure and eyebrows waxed for a grand total of $18.00!!!  And happy with everything.  To get your eyebrows waxed, you go into a different room and lay on a massage table.

Just another glorious adventure!

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