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BAAAAD week in Costa Rica!

Posted on: July 25, 2011

Monday morning started out just like any other morning, birds chirping, sun was shining, a wonderful breeze…. Got a call that the car was ready to be picked up. Bruce came and got Mark and took him to the mechanics to pick it up.  Have I mentioned what a God-send Bruce and Frances have been to us?  Anyhoo, before he left I was in bed taking what I thought was a nap.

Hours later when Mark returned, having been to the bank, grocery store, vet to pick up meds for dogs, I was still in bed!  He came in the bedroom and I could barely open my eyes and say I’m sick.  He felt my forehead and said I burning up! After refusing anything to eat or drink, I slumbered on and on and on.

During the night I needed help getting to the bathroom because I was so dizzy.  I could hardly keep my head up and eventually passed out.  The next thing I remember, he’s in my face saying, ” Nancy, stay with me, can you hear me?”  Took some ibuprofen and he helped me back to bed.

Tuesday was even worse!  Couldn’t stay awake and constantly in and out of a deep, deep slumber.  He finally convinced me to go to a pharmacy (pharmacists here are M.D.’s and can handle minor problems).  The guard, yes, the guard at the pharmacy door let us in and thank heavens there was a couch!  I immediately went to it and tried to stay sitting up, but eventually found myself lying down on it. The pharmacist took one look at me and told Mark, “she’s very bad off, needs Dr. Candy”.

Dr. Candy is a Dr. in a “ER” type setting.  We went there and immediately she diagnosed me as dehydrated!  Out came the the IV’s (here they are called IB’s because there is no V in Costa Rica)…and we are called Ban Batten. LOL

Two bottles of fluid later and a bottle of dripping antibiotics, we were off to the pharmacy with  prescriptions in hand.  Came on home, Mark got me medicated and off to slumberland I went AGAIN! Awful, awful night….fever spiked and broke all night; very dizzy when upright so I guess my body knew I needed to be sleeping.

Weds. was no better and I needed to get to the lab for work Dr. Candy had ordered. Mark was using ice cubes in a wash cloth to try and get my fever down.

By Thursday morning we knew I needed to see the Dr. again…but first more lab work and then to her office.  Get this, if you have to be seen within 72 hours for the same problem, there is absolutely no charge!  Oh and house calls are made with a $30 charge!

I was dehydrated again; more fluids, and another bottle of antibiotics; plus lab work showed it was a bacterial infection so the antibiotic got changed.

To make a longer story short, it took me till Sunday to feel better.  New antibiotic kicked in and I was off to being well again….

We actually didn’t plan on having to find medical care so quickly, but we both certainly feel at ease knowing Dr. Candy is there. And….she called Sunday morning to see how I was feeling!

To those of you AFRAID of socialized medicine….don’t be too quick too judge because you’ve never experienced it.  Yes, I know I had a good experience where maybe other people have not, but you just don’t know until you’ve experienced it!


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Nancy, I’m sooo sorry you have been so sick!! But I’m glad you are finally feeling better. There are probably bugs and germs there that you have never been exposed to. Thank God for antibiotics,huh? Take care of yourself and keep us posted. Love to read all your notes!

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