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48 hours and I’m outta the US!

Posted on: June 18, 2011

Taking a deep breath….yep, the time is almost here and I’m outta here!

Still tons of packing to do, according to hubby.  My friend, Cheryl, coming from IL just called and all flights got cancelled…now she won’t be here till tomorrow! BUMMER!  Because of weather all flights were cancelled…..sometimes mother nature just isn’t nice.

Had a wonderful dinner last night with Rick and Gayle; it was their anniversary and they chose to spend it with us! LOL  Makes us feel special….the food was sooooo good!

I think the thing I will miss most will be friends!  We’ve moved many times – lived in 5 different states, and soon to be 2 different countries.

Even tho’ many people think we’re making a mistake and have told us that, they have no clue the amount of research we’ve done to take this big adventure!  And far be it that I would EVER tell someone they are making a big mistake if they were doing this.  Some people spend their whole lives living inside the box, and we know there’s a whole big world out there just waiting to be experienced! And we are the people to do it!!!

And I would like to point out that these negative people have no clue where Costa Rica is!  They think it’s an island!  And these same people would never ever think to check out the country on their own before offering their criticism.

It’s certainly obvious when making a major move like this, just who your true friends are!  And those are the ones that will be welcome for a visit!








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can’t wait to come visit!!! I’d much rather go there than BGKY!!!!!

Well said.

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