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AHHH….no packing for 2 days

Posted on: June 3, 2011

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Heading to Valdosta, GA today to meet Toddo and give him those precious family heirlooms. (LOL)  Will be home tomorrow night.

A nice break from packing.  I wish we were wealthy enough to just call someone and say “take this crap away”….and then I would just buy new crap in Costa Rica!

Mark even tried to bribe the shipper to send me an email saying we were limited to 200 boxes.  We’re well over that already and haven’t started in the kitchen or bedroom!

There is a God in the shipping business who said “relax, most people have 300 – 400+ boxes” .  We’ll have more than that because some boxes we’re using are small.

Going to enjoy the 48 hours away from packing, the dogs, etc.

By the way, the dogs aren’t handling the turmoil very well!  Oliver “gnaws” on any body part he can reach; Sofi has destroyed the top of her foot; Derby barks more than ever and poor Sedona has started to put weight back on – probably needs another thyroid check. 

Oh well, just part of the adventure, I guess.

So for now…..Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it’s off to Georgia I go…..tada!


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