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17 days and counting down….reality sets in.

Posted on: June 2, 2011

Yes, I think I am prepared for the BIG ADVENTURE!  However, last evening, when hubby unhooked the Big Ass TV in the living room, reality set in.  Guess it takes a TV!  No TV in the living room till I leave?  AAAGHGHGHG…..can I do it? No, it’s not that I sit and watch it alot, I have it on for the noise.  Guess I’m one of those people that needs constant sound.

Made lots of progress in the sewing room yesterday.  I have decided that I have enough yarn and fabric that I could open a shop!  Hmmmm……maybe that’s what I should do in Costa Rica.  Nah, then it would be work.

Too many “eating get togethers” to say good-bye, is not boding well with my body! LOL   We both are looking forward to having fresh fruits and veggies YEAR AROUND!  And we have plans to visit lots of Ferria’s (I think that’s how it’s spelled) (Farmer’s Markets); each little town has their own…and many, many road side stands.  I predict that within a month, we’ll be on a first name basis and laughing at my Spanish and their English!  It’s all about attitude, folks!

Heading to Valdosta, GA this week-end to meet Todd (son-in-law) to hand off a bunch of family heirlooms (ie: junque, junk) and the Big Ass TV.  Gonna be a quick trip, down on Friday and home on Saturday.  Velma is going with me and since the car will be empty on the ride home, I’m thinking a few breaks for shopping will be in order.

Back to the order of the day….packing, packing, packing.

Do I think we’re ready?  In the words of Sarah Palin….”you betcha!”





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Nancy, I detect excitement in your words.

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