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Embroidered bags….and I helped!

Posted on: November 10, 2010

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Pictures sometimes don’t do justice!  LOL  Had 2 sets of 5 coordinating bags to embroider; 2 make-up bags (sm. and large), a tote, a duffle bag and a garment bag.  I think they turned out pretty well, altho’ I’m only showing you one set.

Headed to the metropolis of Clarksville and visited a friend with a commercial embroidery machine.  Did some on that machine and some on a regular embroidery machine.  Thank you Gayla!

It was fun even tho’ I was in a time crunch to get home to play Bunco!  So fun, I left all my supplies…and probably a few brain cells.

FYI: I played horribly at Bunco (like there’s a skill involved) and even worse today at bowling.

Still recovering from hand surgery in July and am now thinking that perhaps a hand replacement is the way to go!


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