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Arguing in the bathroom!

Posted on: February 13, 2010

Went to T-Pac this afternoon and since we were there QUITE early because the driver of the car never lifted his foot off the gas pedal, I decided to hit the rest room before the performance started.

Two chatty-Cathy women walked in in front of me.  All the stalls were full, naturally, because it’s a ladies rest room.  A woman walked out of a stall and these two women stood there and argued over who should go in that stall.  After a couple of “no, you go aheads”, I stepped in front of both of them and said “while you’re deciding who should go in next, I think I’ll go ahead of you!”  Look on their faces: PRICELESS

You heard it here people, sometimes conversations in the restrooms are just simply priceless!


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I love it. You are my hero!

ha! hysterical-good for you!!!

I love it!

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