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Oh boy! A new giraffe habitat being built…

Posted on: February 10, 2010

Can you imagine how excited I was when I found out there is a new giraffe habitat being built at the Naples, FL Zoo!!!  I may have to adopt another giraffe!  It sounds like it’s going to be very similar to the one at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, CO where my precious LOLA resides.

I’m beginning to feel a giraffe trip should be made soon….

It will have the deck where you can feed them, etc. 

Todd and Amy are keeping me updated.  Jack Hanna was there, last night, to start a fundraiser for it.  It’s not scheduled to open till 2011…..

Don’t you all agree, I should visit at least every other month? LOL

They are going to be so sorry they told me this! LOL


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Welll Yea!!! What kind of a mother would you be if you didn’t got visit often… How exciting. I just might have to go check that one out myself.

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