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Dog whisperer has arrived!

Posted on: January 4, 2010

And none too late!

Because it’s been too cold to do much outside, we’ve been glued to the TV, especially, the Dog Whisperer.

One thing we have noticed is that Cesar says “shhh” very quietly and gets the dogs attention immediately.  Well, it all looked good but when you have 4 loud ones, because each one is trying to outdo the other one, we were just a tad bit skeptical.

Mailman pulled up this morning and this usually means a bark fest like no other; Derby started the chorus, then Oliver joined in, and squeaky Sofi; Sedona was the tenor!  I walked over to the chair that Derby and Oliver were sharing and just went “shhh”….said calmly and quietly; said it again….and my gosh, the barking ceased!  Derby got down and just wandered around the living room.

Bring on more of the dog whisperer!  We are sold!

I know that Joanne will love this….any dog behavior shows, she sends our name in! LOL


2 Responses to "Dog whisperer has arrived!"

I could have Cesar discipline me all day! What an accent…

I would like to know who his dentist is, personally! And you are right, his accent is pretty sexy!

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