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Ah….life in the fast lane

Posted on: November 10, 2009

At least that’s how I like to think of it!

Things have been testy around the house since the bionic man got a new knee.  Seems like we’ve had lots of repairmen, which ultimately leads to lots of barking.  Derby, our found on the streets of Nashville dog, absolutely cannot help himself when it comes to barking.  It’s uncontrollable….I would say in the next 72 hours, he will be wearing his bark collar again.

An interesting tidbit happened when Insight was supposedly installing phone service a week ago. I WOULD LIKE TO ADD THAT PHONE SERVICE IS STILL NOT WORKING RIGHT!  I was out running errands, actually getting away from barking dogs, when the Insight guy showed up.  Hubby was in computer room.  The phone rang and it was Insight wondering if someone was here because no one was answering the door.  Normally, the dogs are barking like crazy and the noise level is deafening.

Hubby goes to the door, and lo and behold, there’s the Insight guy, and the dogs are just laying around snoozing.

Then I came home!  Everytime the repairman came into the house, the dogs went bonkers.  So I’ve decided it’s me they are protecting.  Even the repairman said they didn’t bark when he would go in and out of the house till I came home.

Had to have a new toilet…hubby insisted on a super flusher.  When someone calls, on my cell, not the house phone, because that phone drops calls! (typed very sarcastically!) I go to the bathroom and flush, just so they can hear it! We are so proud of our super flusher!

Yesterday was “my life in the fast lane”.  Have had a rough few days with no sleep, friend had a MAJOR heart attack, another friend was thrown from a horse a air lifted to Vanderbilt, Derby barfing and choking because he had eaten a plastic Pepsi cap (I guess once a street dog, always a street dog).  I treated myself to a Pedicure and it was so relaxing!  Then I took Sofi to get her anal glands squeezed.

Folks, it just doesn’t get better than this!

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