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Taos Wool Festival…, food and lots of laughs

Posted on: October 9, 2009


Gayla (L), me (middle), Pat, (L)  – The 3 Stoogettes waiting for boarding at Nashville airport.  Didn’t realize we stopped in Kansas City…so I called Mark to tell him we got on the wrong plane and we were at the Kansas City airport.  He didn’t think it was nearly as funny as we did.


Because of my previous travels and barfing, Pat’s husband bought me a bag full of barf bags with Puke University on them.  And they came with a wet nap to wipe off my mouth.  Do I have the best friends or what?  And I’m extremely happy to report I DID NOT BARF!  It’s amazing how much more enjoyable travling is when you don’t barf!!!



These were a couple of alpacas that were at the festival.  They have the sweetest looking faces and are so very soft. If you’ve never knitted with alpaca yarn, please do.  It’s a dream to work with and you have the nicest fabric when you are done. (knitted fabric, garment, whatever you want to call it).  At one point I told people that we were renting a convertible to drive home to bring the alpaca in!  And her name would have been Nola!

weavingThis picture doesn’t do itself justice!  This was the most gorgeous weaving I saw.  Probably because I loved the colors, etc. Hubby didn’t think I should pay $1500 for it, altho’ she said make me an offer around $1000!   Makes me think a loom may be in my future!  Wish I got “cheese” checks twice a month. LOLstash

This is the stash I ended up purchasing; some yarn, some batts for spinning, and some sock yarn, etc.  Now to get it knitted!

Only disappointment I had was so many of the vendors DID NOT take Visa.  I think most people do not travel with a lot of cash!  I wish I had known this….because I would have helped the economy a lot more than I did.  Perhaps the powers that organize this, could someone how provide that with their vendor fee.  It was disappointing to get to the check out and hear, “sorry we don’t take credit cards.”  My answer was “sorry, I don’t travel with a lot of cash.”

Weather was beautiful!!!  I could live in that area!!!  And I think in my next life I will!!!!!

 Hotel provided Indian dancing in the evening around a bon fire….another disappointment.  We walked over to the fire pit to watch, not taking our purses (money)…just took cameras.  And then we hear there’s a $10 donation (fee) to take pictures.  And they passed a basket around at the end to collect money for watching.  Too bad the hotel didn’t let you know this before hand….all they say is “there’s Indian dancing around the firepit at 7:30 p.m.” 

Headed back to Albuquerque to catch our flight home….a lady that was obviously in a BIG hurry to get her luggage….ran it across my big toe, breaking it!


On Tuesday, the brusing was as dark as the toe nail polish….used the wonder “drug” arnica and the bruising is almost gone today, Friday.


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